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A Computer Systems Graduate who is continuously brodening his horizon in digital field.

My Skills

I posess a lot of Skills in Technical field. Bachelors of Computer Systems from TAFE college in Australia, provides real and pratical Knowledge in Cyber field. Apart from that I have done many other Self Study and Training from which I posess following foundational Skills.



I have expertise in CyberSecurity field. I have achieved ComptiA Security+ Certification, which provides the foundational understanding of Attacks, Threats and Vulnerabilities, Architecture and Design, Implementation, Operations and Incident Response, Governance, Risk and Compliance in Digital field. I am skilled to use Vulnerability Scanning Tools, SIEM and SOAR Technologies, Firewalls, IDS, IPS and other. .



Congfiguring, Implementing and troubleshooting basic and Enterprise Network Architecture, with high understanding of Routing, Switching, Ports and Protocols, IP Addresses, ACLs, and Servers. I have completed CCNAv7: Enterprise Networking, Security, and Automation, CCNAv7: Switching, Routing, and Wireless Essentials. I have broad skill of Configuring and Securing cisco ASA firewall.


Operating Systems

I am Expertise in both Windows and Linux operating Systems, with advance knowledge of windows server 2019 with configuration and management of every roles and features. My detail understanding of compute, Network and Storage infrastructure makes myself capable of running backup servers, FTP, DNS, DHCP and webservers in any Environment.


Programming and Scripting

I am confident to use Python, bash script and basic knowledge of Windows powershell. I am confident to develop web application using html, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and SQL database.

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Projects and Papers

Following are non-exhastive list of some Projects and Papers, I have written. If you are interested in any of the following topics, feel free to look!


Threat Detection Lab

Enterprise Network Architecture consisting of Production, Defence, SOC environment to detect the external Threats and monitor traffic'.

Penetration Testing and System Hardening

Penetration Testing and System Hardening

Know more about Methodologies of vulnerability Scanning and Hardening Systems.

Active Directory

Active Directory

This document provides basic understanding of Microsoft Active Directory.

Network Architecture

Secure Network Architecture and Site-to-Site VPN

Securing Edge Routers and creating Tunnel between different edge routers in different location.

Situation and Security policies for SMEs

Situation and Security policies for SMEs

What is the current situation of Small and Medium Enterprises in Cybersecurity field?

Quantum Cryptography

Quantum Cryptography

Will our data still be safe with modern cryptography? What is quantuam Cryptography?


Web 3.0

What is Web? What is concept of WEB 3.0? View its advantages and Disadvantages.

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